People sometimes ask me why I am so passionate about higher education. Like many individuals who make a career in this field, I somewhat “fell into it.”

When I was an undergraduheadshot websiteate at Ryerson University I loved how there were so many different choices when it came to course selection. I felt that there were so many opportunities to explore and develop my personal interests. Even before I was an employee I would talk to my friends and advise them on which courses to take and how course selection can influence your options for graduate school and beyond.

Then I worked as a liaison officer for a few years visiting high schools and talking to students about university. What shocked me was how little understanding young people had regarding their choices in higher education and their future careers. These incidents inspired me to pursue my Masters of Higher Education at the University of Toronto to explore this question.

After several years of studying issues in higher education, strategic planning, and comparing the Canadian system to other countries, I now am able to take a holistic approach to strategic planning in higher education. I can’t say I have any simple answers to issues in higher education today, but I do have a more comprehensive understanding of how universities and colleges function.

Some of my projects over the years have included creating job aids for program departments, implementing evaluations for services, and creating a professional network for academic advisors in a decentralized system.

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